Safe Town Radio Scheme


Tunbridge Wells Safe Town Partnership

The Tunbridge Wells Safe Town Partnership combines the Safe Town and Pub Watch Schemes to provide a safer shopping, working and socialising environment for businesses and their customers.

Benefits include:

Safe Town Hand-Held Radio Network

Partners are linked to the CCTV control room, town centre police constables, community support officers and each other via Safe Town two-way radios.


CCTV plays a major role in the prevention and detection of retail crime. Tunbridge Wells' shopping zones are covered by an impressive array of high tech cameras. The camera control room situated in the bowels of Town Hall is monitored by skilled operators round the clock every day of the year. Membership provides immediate and constant radio access.

Exclusion Notices

The Exclusion Notice scheme helps to enforce banning orders placed upon offenders. Members receive regular updates to help protect them from potential loss of goods or inconvenience to customers.

Information Sharing

All our members are provided with photographs and relevant details on the town’s most persistent offenders.

Crime Reduction Initiatives

Crime prevention initiatives are carried out by West Kent Police at various times throughout the year.


Training and information sessions on subjects such as credit card fraud, shop theft, drugs and alcohol in the workplace, personal safety and conflict management are provided to members and their staff periodically throughout the year.

Business Support

To help support your business needs members are encouraged to network via regular Partnership meetings, to identify training needs and to provide feedback to the Borough Council on services that help business flourish, including the Community Plan.


For further information or details on joining the scheme please visit their website