Community Safety and the CSP

What is Community Safety?

Community safety is perhaps best seen as an important aspect of quality of life, when people are protected as far as possible from hazards or threats caused by criminal or anti-social behaviour, and are equipped or helped to cope with the problems they do experience.

“Community safety is not just about tackling crime but about improving our quality of life and reducing the fear of crime.”

Community safety is the legitimate concern of all sections of the local community: young and old, men and women, the business community, special interest groups, victims of crime and offenders; indeed all those who live, work or study in the borough and those who visit from other places. Valuing diversity and promoting equality in the community is recognised in all that the partnership does.

Community safety determines how local people see and perceive their neighbourhood.  For the majority of people, living in a low crime area is a priority.

Despite falls in crime rates public demand for improved community safety, including a reduction in anti-social behaviour, remains very strong.

Our priorties

This year (2015/16) the CSP has agreed to focus on five key issues:

• Domestic abuse
• Road safety
• Violent Crime
• Anti-social behaviour
• Substance misuse

Additionally the Strategic Assessment process has identified four subsidiary priorities which have replaced the cross-cutting themes from the 2014/15 Partnership Plan:

• Safeguarding, educating and engaging young people
• Repeat offending/venues
• Victim support and restorative justice
• Safer socialising